Marvel Entertainment Premieres Moon Knight

Mateo "Schirmsklojm" Dueñas, Entertainment Writer

With its first and second episode released on March 30th and April 6th respectively, Moon Knight is looking to be another hit by Marvel Entertainment. Directed by Mohamed Diab, Moon Knight stars Oscar Isaac as the titular night-time superhero.

The first episode introduces us to the first character played by Oscar Isaac, Steven Grant. Grant is a British museum worker, appearing to be fascinated by Egyptian history and mythology. Isaac’s portrayal of Grant as a shy and dainty nerd that struggles to even maintain a conversation with his coworker is astounding. Not only does he perfect the accent, but also the mannerisms of someone struggling to maintain meaningful relationships, even though they want to.

Then we are introduced to Arthur Harrow, the villain of the series, played by Ethan Hawke. Hawke’s first scene of the series shows him crushing glass and putting them on the soles of his shoe, which is meant to contrast from Steven Grant as his first scene sees him stepping on sand. In the show, Hawke is meant to be a sort of religious and cult leader, having good intent but terrible execution.

Hawke’s plan to rid the world of evil, is to eradicate it from the root. Hawke can judge whether people have or will commit a sin, using this to create a gathering of followers intent on cleansing Earth.

After establishing both characters, the episode introduces us to the true conflict of the story, Grant’s dissociative identity disorder. Although Grant does not know it yet, his mind houses two others, a secret agent named Marc Spector, and Khonshu, the Egyptian moon deity. Grant only thinks that he sleepwalks, which is why he has multiple locks, tapes his door, puts sand around his bed, and then chains his foot to his wall.

Director Diab made an incredible choice with the introduction of this main conflict. As Grant, trying his best not to fall asleep, suddenly the scene shifts to Grant with a broken jaw at the bottom of a cliff, with people shooting him from a tower above. Grant scurries away, only to realize that he has a golden scarab in his pocket.

Making his way to the town nearby, he finds Hawke, who asks for the scarab. Through tremendous choreography, we see Grant try to give the scarab away, but his body stops him. As Grant escapes on a food-truck, he sees that in any reflection is Marc Spector, his other identity.

Oscar Isaac did an amazing job of playing two drastically different characters. While Steven Grant is a squeamish British nerd, Marc Spector is a seriously bold American agent. Isaac plays both incredibly, especially after showing how Marc really cares about his Steven Grant identity, and that he is willing to take control to protect the both of them.

The difference between the first episode of Moon Knight and previous Marvel shows like WandaVision or Hawkeye is that Moon Knight introduces a whole new character to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. This really sets this show apart from the others, as it works on not only introducing us, but also making the audience feel empathy for a person struggling with dissociative identity disorder.

The first episodes of Moon Knight were definitely the best premiere that any Marvel show has had so far. Moon Knight is looking to be one of the best MCU shows, with high-stakes action and astounding stylistic choices to represent different mental disorders, tune into this show for a long and grand journey on [insert platform here].